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tv   Americas Election Headquarters  FOX News  November 3, 2012 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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colmes. here on fox news channel and remember to vote! >> gregg: fox news alert. three days out from election day. they are plunging in a series of grueling campaign stops in the final weekend before america votes. welcome to america's election headquarters. i'm greg gutfeld. >> heather: i'm heather childers. both candidates spending their final days in a handful of battleground states that will determine tuesday's outcome. obama visiting several states holding larger than usual rallies in an attempt huge clouds that he benefited from 2008. governor romney holding events in new jersey, new hampshire, iowa and colorado.
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using the latest jobs report to make his argument that america needs a change. john roberts is live in inglewood where governor romney is expected to make his final campaign stop of the day. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. this is the time in the election campaign when those of us like to call it death march into tuesday. both campaigns pulling out all the stops doing whatever they can to try to woo over the late decided voters. governor romney on the stomp in iowa saying he has the experience to turn the economy around saying the president has failed to meet the challenge fay can the united states. >> the difference between us, he makes promises and he couldn't keep. i'm making promises i have kept and i will keep them for the american people. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: president obama meantime, continuing down the path you can't trust governor
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romney. that he is misleading american people, imploring to give him another four years to get the economy on track. now is not the time to be changing horses. >> after four years of president you know me. you may not agree with every decision i have made. maybe you are frustrated about the pace of change but you know what i believe. you know where i stand. you know i tell the truth and you know i'll fight for you your families every single day. >> reporter: part of what the president said feeds into the narrative that governor romney is creating here. that he is a nice guy and means well but he doesn't put a take to get things done. something that happened yesterday, in springfield, ohio when president obama said this when talking about governor romney. listen. >> at the time the republican congress, senate candidate by the name of mitt romney -- no --
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voting is the best revenge. >> reporter: voting is best revenge. his campaign was asked about that. they said what he was talking about is the best way to battle back against the illusion and delusion that mitt romney is putting out there but he did give romney a gift to put an ad. what is the president really talking about here? what does he want people to vote for? giving romney to contrast himself with the president. listen. >> yesterday the president said something you may have heard by now that i think surprised a lot of people, speaking to an audience, he said voting is the best revenge. he told his supporters, voting for revenge, vote for revenge? let me tell you what i would like to tell you. vote for love of country.
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>> we talk a lot about early voting here on the campaign trail and this election, it's particularly important in colorado where 50% of people have already cast their ballots. here is the way it's broken down. 547,000 ballots cast by registered republicans, 509,000 from registered democrats. you see the difference in the margin and 391,000 from independents and lots of polls we have seen across the country, mitt romney is leading among independents. this is going down to the wire. we won't know until late tuesday or early wednesday how it all shapes up. >> heather: early wednesday. thank you so much. we appreciate it. coming up in the next hour we will bring you governor romney's final remarks of the day live from inglewood, colorado. >> we want to take a live look where president obama is set to speak in a campaign event in the battleground state of wisconsin. president is about to take the stage any moment now.
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grammy award winner katie perry has been firing up the crowd there. this will be the president's final visit in wisconsin before tuesday's election over the last couple of days. the president has been coming under fire from critics who say, he should have sacrificed more time away from the campaign to focus squarely on the federal response to hurricane sandy. the president maintains that the recovery effort continues to be his number one priority. you can watch the president's entire remarks streaming live on >> gregg: today is the last day for early voting in state of florida. florida has seen record turnout for both early and absentee ballots. steve harrigan is live with more on that. hi, steve. >> three hours left of early voting here in florida and
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turnout has been strong throughout the state. polling place in tampa linings are about hour long but some reports are four or five hours in miami-dade. 4 million people have voted early or by absentee ballot. the period for early voting is shorter this year than it was a year ago, just eight days this year. it was 14 days last year. some county election officials have asked for an extra day sunday for early voting the so far the governor has said, no, it's not going to happen. this country, hillsborough has been a bellwether, they have gone with every presidential winner since 1960. they have a sense their votes could be extremely important in this election. >> gregg: are those lines moving pretty quickly, steve? or do people expect to be able to cast their ballots before they close tonight? >> reporter: the lines will stay open even after 7:00 p.m. tonight if people are still in line.
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people did expect some delays because the ballot in florida is complicated. it contains at least 11 constitutional amendments. they knew it was going to be slow going and they are patiently, we've seen families carrying their children, people on walkers waiting patiently in the hot florida sun to get their chance to vote. >> gregg: steve live in tampa. thanks. >> heather: amazing lines there. there are more concerns about possible voter registration fraud just three days before the election. two major cases specifically in the battleground state of ohio. election officials citing registrations from an outside firm what acorn was accused of during the last presidential election. it is highlighting concerns about third party gounds that collect voter registration. eric shawn has those details from ohio.
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>> reporter: that voter registration investigation under way in ohio after adolf hitler was found submitted in a voter registration form. there are 200 names in the board of elections. they believe those names are fraudulent are forged or duplicates. the company that submitted those names, workers gathered those names is called field works. it's based in washington, d.c. a grassroots organization. they say they basically work with democratic candidates or progressive causes. the chairman of the republican party who is member of the election board there such voter fraud and voter registration fraud allegations undermine our democracy. >> any person would engage this that kind of conduct that serious toward democracy is highly irresponsible and potentially criminal. >> reporter: he said they don't tolerate any fraud.
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they gave us this statement. we have an employee who has reviewed every single card. we categorize them that are possibly incomplete and others that could be potentially fraudulent. we have a high standard here. if they are not hundred percent sure of the card we will flag it to the board of elections. one of the fired field workers in cincinnati says that she didn't do anything wrong. she told us she blames the people who tried to register. >> i probability would say, i was betrayed by some of the people. if you really didn't want to fill out the card you should have said no. fill anything down on the card so they came back on me. >> reporter: also election board officials in cleveland say there is an investigation underway in three other fired fieldworkers there. >> heather: we want to make sure
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every vote counts and an election potentially this close down to the wire. thank you, eric. >> gregg: fast moving developments how the obama administration handled its response to the deadly terror attack on the consulate in libya. a growing chorus for a new committee to investigate exactly what happened as fox news has exclusive information that the consulate considered suspending his operations in benghazi as the security deteriorated and considered actually moving it all to the c.i.a. annex. molly henneberg is live in washington with more. >> molly: information in the form of a classified cable reviewed by fox, sent to the state department about one month before the attack. including both of those contingency plans you just listed and telling washington that the security situation is, quote, trending negatively and
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voicing concern over approximately ten islamic militias and al-qaeda training camps known to operate within benghazi. one republican congresswoman says the obama administration didn't pay enough attention to those warnings. >> this explains why they were talking about a spontaneous demonstration. why the administration was blaming it on a video. if they knew if the word gotten out they had been explicitly warned in this emergency meeting and this cable went to everyone they decided to do nothing for americans, four americans died and that is what the american public needs to remember. >> molly: republican senators wanted congress to get more involved. writing in a letter we believe complexity and gravity of this matter warrants the selection of this a a select committee that can make a review of the many
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national security officials ieshs involved. the obama administration and the president's campaign team insists the president is focused every single day on making sure we get to the bottom of what happened. they are waiting for an independent review of the attack to conclude. >> this is tragedy, this is not time for politicizing a tragedy as mitt romney and many republicans are doing. this is a time time for figuring out what happened. releasing that information and learning from that and moving forward. that is exactly what the president is doing. >> molly: state department is estimating that report will be finished sometime in december. >> gregg: molly henneberg in washington, thanks very much. the stunning developments about the consulate attack keep coming hour by hour. we will be discussing this new information later in this hour with john bolton a former u.s. ambassador to the united nations. >> heather: lights are coming on
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for some in new york city while others are learning it could be weeks before their power is restored. mayor mike bloomberg on the latest recovery efforts and help cannot come soon enough for those living in hard hit areas of staten island. david lee miller is standing by with the very latest. >> reporter: let's start with conflicting information. there are reports at this hour that authorities have stopped the free distribution of free gasoline, gasoline from the department of defense that had been delivered to various parts of new york city by using tanker trucks and first responders were eligible to get that gas. i can tell you that here on staten island there is such a tanker truck and gasoline is being distributed to the general public as well as a separate line for first responders. at least here in staten island, free gasoline is available to the general public.
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authorities say they have at least 36 hour supply of free gasoline on hand. now, additionally, help has arrived here from the red cross, red cross has come under criticism for not getting to staten island soon enough. they have a kitchen set up capable of producing 10,000 free meals a day. additionally, they are helping each other here. a site has been established to bring supplies and clothing to people in need. one of the workers there told us one of the great concerns they face is that people who need help are afraid to leave their homes fearful of crime. listen. >> biggest concern for the residents they are afraid there is still no electric in the area when it gets dark, there are no lights. i know the police department has put up spotlights and doing the best they can. people are afraid to leave their homes because a lot of their homes are exposed.
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they are afraid of people coming into steal what little they have left. >> reporter: even though a great deal of more has been made restoring electricity to manhattan, here in staten island there are tens of thousands of people who are in the dark. heather, unfortunately they are probably going to remain the dark for several days, possibly more than a week. one of the main reasons for that is they rely on overhead lines for their electricity. getting crews here a very difficult task. >> heather: shame on those people that would take advantage of those people and loot and steal. >> gregg: one of nation's newest battleground states is up for grabs in virginia. it could be key in winning the election. >> heather: and polls so razor thin they are fighting for the magical number, 270 electoral votes, looking for the edge that
4:16 pm
would tip the balance. >> i learned this from the governor of massachusetts, as governor massachusetts that best achievement are shared achievements. respect and goodwill go a long way and they are usually shared they come back to you, as well. that is how i'm going conduct myself as president. i won't just represent one party. i will represent one nation. ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz winter event is back, no matter which list you're on. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease a 2013 ml350 for $599 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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>>. in four days, you have a choice to make although here in ohio early vote so you can be make it right after you leave here. it's not just a choice between two candidates or two parties. its choice about two different visions for america. the choice between going back to the top down policies that crashed our economy, or a future that is built on a strong and growing middle-class. >> most of you probably decided who you are going to vote for already. i know there are some people who are still wondering, they pitting aside the demands of daily life and thinking about
4:21 pm
who they are going to vote you. i need you spend time in the next three days to see neighbors and maybe ones that go by with obama signs, let's talk this through a bit. you see president obama came into office with so many promises that he has fallen so far short. >> heather: that was president obama and governor romney speaking to crowds of supporters today. just three days before the election. they are all making their final push on the campaign trail as the clock ticks down. both candidates looking for the edge. some sort of edge that will help pull them ahead in a hotly contested race. editor for campaign and elections he joins us now. thank you for joining us. we mentioned this already. it comes down to the magic number of 270 electoral votes. what does each party have to do to reach that magic number at the finish line? >> i mean at this point, this is
4:22 pm
really about, both campaigns really getting their get out the vote operations into full swing in the last couple of days. this is what the campaigns have been planning for logistically figuring out where they need folks. we have heard a lot of spin from both campaigns where the ground organization the strongest. who has made the most voter contacts. who has made the most quality contacts. what both campaigns going to be battleground states to try to get some of these undecideds to their candidate. a lot of this is about what is happening moment to moment on the ground and ensuring on the part of both campaigns that respected bases get out on tuesday and get folks early voting in the states where that is still possible. >> heather: i want to talk more about that early voting. steve require harry began were showing us, those votes will
4:23 pm
have won't be counted until election day but several battleground states are releasing the party affiliation how is early voting going to affect these final days as the campaigns move forward? >> there is no question, it's tremendously important. we're going to see 33-35% early vote this time around. you look at some of the key battleground states and the obama campaign likes to say it has the edge in early voting across the board. if you look at the full picture they do have a slight edge, but state by state. romney campaign is doing a lot better in early voting than say the mccain campaign was doing in 2008. that is significant. a state like colorado, for example, more republicans have early voted than democrats. in florida, democrats have the edge when it comes to early voting but not as big of an edge as the obama campaign had back
4:24 pm
in 2008. early voting on the hole is going to skew to the side of the democrats. republicans tend to been election day. it comes down to which twoud situation is humming on tuesday and which voters are really enthused. >> heather: romney has added another state into the mix, pennsylvania, hoping to end the streak of five contests where the democratic candidate prevailed and 10 percentage points in the latest polls show him with a slight edge over governor romney. how realistic is pennsylvania? >> i still think pennsylvania is a strep for the romney campaign. that being said, president obama and his campaign has spent the last week trying to convince everybody that the move into pennsylvania by the romney campaign is a complete head shake. i am not convinced how tough it is for mitt romney.
4:25 pm
you notice that bill clinton will be in pennsylvania on monday. aside from president obama the former president is the best surrogate his campaign has. bill clinton is going to be in pennsylvania on monday, the fact that obama campaign has spent more money on television in pennsylvania suggest there is some concern that the race has pulled closer than the obama folks thought it it could would be. >> heather: and storm sandy and jobs report. last one that came out on friday? >> these are both hard questions. simply because we've hevnhev an event like this speaking of sandy so close to a national election. how voters respond to the negativity and clamor of the campaign which as come back to full swing as to what has happened in new jersey, new york and connecticut, it's such an
4:26 pm
open question. it will be interesting to see how it plays out in terms of whether voters take that into account and think about that on tuesday. >> heather: we appreciate your insight. >> gregg: becoming to the bottom of the terror attack in libya. new calls for an independent investigation as fox news gets exclusive new information raising more questions about the obama administration's handling of security concerns ahead of that attack. >> heather: plus president obama stirring up controversy in springfield ohio after the president called for, quote, revenge on election day. potential impacted on the campaign trail. >> vote, vote. voting is the best revenge. [ snoring ]
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>>. >> heather: welcome back. you are looking now at a rally that is under way in milwaukee, wisconsin. president obama speaking there to a crowd as we zero in on election day on tuesday. let's pause for a moment and listen. >> that is what is at stake in this election. yet change is future where we do it in a balanced way. outside a trillion dollars more cuts. >> heather: you can listen to the entire remarks on where it is streaming live. wisconsin is in play. governor mitt romney choosing congressman paul ryan from wisconsin as his running mate kho ko change things there after more two decades since a republican candidate has won the state of wisconsin. president obama took wisconsin by over 14 points over mccain in
4:32 pm
2008. once again, live from milwaukee, wisconsin, president obama and you can watch it in the entirety streaming live on at the time the republican congress, any senate candidate by the name of mitt romney, no, no, don't boo, vote. vote. voting is the best revenge. >> gregg: president obama sparking outrage at a ohio rally telling supporters that voting is the best revenge, whatever that means. its comment that governor romney took issue with while addressing supporters earlier today. >> he asked his supporters to vote for revenge, for revenge.
4:33 pm
instead i ask the american people to vote for love of country. >> mark sanford joins us, governor, great to talk to you. voting is the best revenge, i'm not sure i know what that means or who voters are supposed to exact revenge against, it's an element of democracy as final appeals, what do you think of the remark? >> i got a feeling on this one. i think it's much to do about nothing. i say that for three different reasons. what strikes me you get to the end of these campaigns and media corps is worn out. so they are looking for any slight twinge or difference you got that as part of the recipe and incredible partisan nature of the campaign, you mention the
4:34 pm
guy's name and the crowd starts booing don't boo vote. because if you look at this whole notion why people vote, they don't vote for the idea of country generally. they vote for specifics they believe in. they vote for specifically they want to see something difference. >> gregg: you can see revenge but romney hasn't done anything. he a private citizen, not holding office. president on the other hand, somebody could vote out of revenge. >> yeah, isn't that the nature of today's modern day politics. it's the politics. i couldn't believe you can say that. it turns a lot of people off. at the core, romney would be well advised to go back to the
4:35 pm
economy and talk about the economy rather than side track like this. i think there is incredibly fertile ground particularly the job numbers. we're not keeping pace. the president hasn't delivered on that promise. i think it's much to do about nothing. he would do better on focusing on economy and jobs. >> gregg: i am glad you mentioned that. fox news poll this election hinges on the economy and little else, 75% saying, you know what, economic issues like jobs, fiscal issues like taxes those are the top issues we're going to vote on. the president if you look at those numbers, the president is underwater on those issues, 47-52%. romney leads him 50-46% in a close race. does that make the difference? >> i believe it does. i think the people vote their pocketbooks. i think they are absolutely distress order that front in
4:36 pm
terms of what comes next with regard to their prosz peculiarities for job at home in their hometown. so again, i say, the revenge thing, it's a side track. forget it and move back to what people are really focused on which is jobs, economy, debt. >> gregg: you convinced me. i'm over the revenge thing. [ laughter ] >> gregg: moosts me to independents where you look at just about any poll and romney seems to lead anywhere among between independents among 5-10%. so what about that factor, independents? >> yeah, i think overwhelmingly they will break toward romney. i think that is the history of these things. i know in my races as for congress or governorship you look at the people undecided at the end or loosely affiliated in the world of politics, overall they break toward the challenger rather than the incumbent. we'll see if it happens here.
4:37 pm
i suspect it will. >> gregg: the other thing that struck me with the fox news polls. i'm going to show you to our viewers. romney has an 11-point lead among extremely interested voters. those who are really motivated to get out there and cast their ballots. how important do you think voter enthusiasm is going to be come tuesday? >> i think you are seeing that. if you look at several hour long waited times that are taking place down in broward county and florida that have been reported throughout the day, people are out there and willing to stand in line for a couple of hours. that is fairly amazing given all the things people could be doing on a weekend. >> gregg: governor mark sanford, thanks very much. >> it's a pleasure. >> gregg: stick with fox news on election night. complete coverage beginning on fox news channel at 6:00 p.m. on tuesday with bret baier and
4:38 pm
megyn kelly and also catch shepard smith beginning at 7:00 p.m. on the fox network. >> heather: coming up, new questions about the c.i.a.'s response to the deadly terror attack in benghazi. it comes that the state department was warned about security concerns at consulate before the murders of four americans. so what does all this say about the obama administration's handling of the crisis. ambassador john bolton is here to break it all down. >> gregg: so many people in staten island are picking up the pieces after sandy. we're going to speak to one man that survived the storm but lost his home and his business. >> you try to prepare for the worst, but until you actually arrive and see the destruction and damage, you could never imagine what we saw.
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4:43 pm
presidential candidates, just days before the big election, vice president joe biden spending the day in the battle ground state of colorado slamming the republican ticket in front of a crowd of supporters. >> we saw those debates. some of those debates you begin to wonder, governor romney and congressman ryan seemed to be running as fast away from their positions as they can. it's like watching a guy, little kid trying to outrun his shadow, man. it keeps catching up saying whoa, it's still there! shadow doesn't go away until the sun goes down. it's going down tuesday night. >> heather: meantime, republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan is on a sprint hitting rallies in four states today, starting in marietta, ohio, that's where he reminded supporters how close america is to decision day. >> washington is really broken and we can not afford four more
4:44 pm
years of this. we don't have to settle for this. three more days. that's all we need. three more days. [ cheers and applause ] three more days. that's it. that's it. >> heather: congressman ryan also made stops in pennsylvania and virginia and is heading to another rally in florida tonight. >> gregg: a massive effort going on right now to deliver food, fuel and other supplies to the very hard hit areas of staten island. devastation there, as you can see, very hard to imagine. for those who survived sandy, the job of cleaning up and starting over is just now beginning. today dave briggs talked with john toto who lost both his home and business on staten island.
4:45 pm
>> the reality is finally setting in and initially the morning after the storm, of course, you evacuate and went to another location at my sister's home. you always hoping -- you try to prepare for the worst, but until you actually arrive and see the destruction and the damage, you could have never imagined what we saw. it was totally overwhelming. you know, you can explain to people and tell people over the phone and unless you actually see what's here, you could never, ever, ever in your wildest imagination see the destruction. i mean, this is our katrina. you know, unfortunately, those poor people went through this x number of years ago, ten years ago. now it's our turn. and you don't know where to begin, where to start. i got good friends and family. everybody has been coming down trying to help me out, trying to
4:46 pm
do whatever we can to move ahead and it's confusing. it's mind boggling. it's uncertainty. it's my life. the restaurant was my 30 years of adult life. my home. i lost everything. >> can i ask you, you've been frustrated with what the insurance will and will not cover. you said you had hurricane coverage, but that will not take care of your damage. >> in 30 years of business here, i've never had one drop of water. and we have had many, many, manies storms. irene last year which pelted us with 13 inches of water. i never had a problem with water. okay. this wasn't a flood issue per say. this was a tsunami issue. how do you prepare for something like that? >> gregg: if you want to help the recovery efforts, it's easy to donate not red c for example. you can go on-line to red or to donate ten
4:47 pm
dollars on your phone text redcross to 90999, or simply dial 1-800-red cross to make a donation. >> heather: patience running thin on capitol hill. demand ago new committee to find answers about the white house's response to that deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. we will discuss this and other major developments in the tragic story with ambassador john bolton next.
4:48 pm
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4:51 pm
>> gregg: each day seems to bring new serious revelations about the deadly terrorist attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. finding, though, a definitive account of what really happened is elusive. three leading republican senators calling for a new select committee to investigate the raid which left four americans dead, including our ambassador. this as fox news has exclusive information now showing the consulate considered suspending its operations in benghazi as security there deteriorated and considered moving into the c.i.a. annex less than a month before the attack. how to get to the bottom of all of this. joining me now, john bolton is a form u.s. ambassador to the united nations. fox news contributor.
4:52 pm
good to see you. the obama administration is investigating itself with secret internal probes. now, aren't those by their very nature, inherently suspect and all the more reason why congress needs to conduct an independent investigation? >> i think investigations by both branches are appropriate. i think in the case of the obama administration, it's not only that their investigations have produced accounts so far which are only favor annual to them -- favorable to them, but the selective leaking of information has politicized the central intelligence agency and the pentagon, just a few days before our election. there is another letter out by another group of senators, senators coats and blunt and rubio andthers if i recall, that go precisely to that point. are these leaks authorized by the administration, or are these leaks by the agencies themselves? what this shows is i think the
4:53 pm
administration disarray and simply underlines the importance of congress getting to the bottom of this. >> gregg: katherine herrage obtained a classified cable from the u.s. mission in benghazi less than a month before the attack. it told washington consulate cannot be defended and islamist militants and al-qaeda are everywhere. is this, in your mind, pretty clear and convincing evidence that the obama administration was warned that an attack could happen, yet did nothing? >> absolutely. i've had a chance to read that cable. i tell you, it is the smoking gun in this investigation, at least so far. the idea, for example, that the c.i.a. station in benghazi offered to bring the consulate personnel into their compound a month before the september 11 attack shows just how worried everybody in benghazi was about precisely what happened just a
4:54 pm
few weeks later. so i mean, this is a devastating rebuttal to any notion that somehow there was an out of control demonstration because of this ridiculous mohammed video. and undercuts the administration credibility in a profound way. >> gregg: fox news has been told that there were on the night of the attack, not only armed drones in the area of benghazi, but also f-18s, ac-130 aircraft and helicopters that could have helped immediately and yet the pleas for help were either ignored or injected. here what is retired admiral james lions who once commanded the pacific fleet has said in a column and i'll quote him: it now appears that the white house, pentagon, state department, c.i.a., jcs and various other military commands monitored the entire battle in real time via frantic phone calls from our compound and video from an overhead drone.
4:55 pm
the cries for help and support went unanswered. he then went on to say that the terrorists could have been wiped out by an immediate attack, but there was a, to husband ice words -- a lack of courage to take action. you agree? >> well, i think he speaks from direct personal knowledge of the military's capabilities and i think the administration's passivity before, during and after the attack all demands investigation. i would simply say that we also need to look at the broader systemic failure here of the obama administration believing its own press releases about the war on terror being over, denying multiple requests for security enhancement before the 9-11 attack. there is a lot to look into here. not just the tragedy on 9-11, but the broader failures of the obama administration's policies. >> gregg: is it beyond systemic? is it imcompetence that can be imputed directly to the president? >> yeah, i think it's a mixture
4:56 pm
of imcompetence, politics and ideology. it's a toxic brew. there is no denial we had a debauchle on 9-11, a tragedy, four americans dead. just to make sure people understand, this risk continues to exist today. there has been no retaliation for that 9-11 attack. maybe something is coming, but it hasn't happened yet. every american diplomatic facility in the middle east is at risk until we do something. >> gregg: ambassador john bolton, thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. >> heather: still to come, fox news is america's election headquarters and our team is right there on the campaign trail with the candidates. we'll have live reports from both camps coming up. the capital one cash rewards card
4:57 pm
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>> heather: welcome back. governor romney and president obama waging an all out campaign blitz with three days to go. down for the wire before election day. hello, everyone. i'm heather childers. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's election headquarters. >> gregg: i'm gregg gregg. tong the news, the presidential candidates crisscrossing the country hitting a handful of battle ground states that will decide the outcome of a very tight race. this is going down to the wire. we begin with senior national correspondent john roberts following governor mitt romney live in inglewood, colorado. john, what's governor romney's goal these last three days?
5:01 pm
>> can you imagine it's come down to these last three days. you could believe that the last 2 1/2 days will feel like forever. but for the governor, it's the final sprint to the finish. this is the day when it's all about enthusiasm and confidence. enthusiasm to get as many people to vote for you and run up your numbers and confidence for those late deciders, many of whom may not make up their minds until they're in the voting booth. you are the one they want to when they pull the lever for. governor come romney co- opted the message of change. but today he took a turn. remember, president obama talking about there were no blue or red states. only the united states? well, governor romney now talking about being a bipartisan president for all the people. listen to what he said on the campaign trail in dubuque. >> i learned as the governor of massachusetts that the best achievements are shared achievements and i learned that respect and goodwill go a long
5:02 pm
way and when they're shared, they come back to you. that's how i'm going to conduct myself as president. i won't just represent one party. i will represent one nation. >> what's really interesting is the way the calls for bipartisanship have been met with democrats. harry reid saying there is no way senate democrat also ever work with governor romney, gregg. >> gregg: john, bit of a controversy involving something president obama said yesterday. tell us about that. >> yeah. on the campaign trail, on the stump he likes to say when people start booing against governor romney, he said don't boo, vote. yesterday he said voting is your best venge. a curious comment copping from any american president. one that his campaign has yet to explain. but governor romney got a gift from that and he put out an ad saying what does the president want the people to vote for?
5:03 pm
giving him another point to sharply contrast against the president. >> we have got to leave america to a -- lead america to a better place. is there anyone that's worried that the last four years are the best we can do? is there anyone who fears the american dream is fading away? is there anyone who wonders whether better jobs and better incomes are slipping from our grasp? i have a clear message and that is america is about to come roaring back. >> it's anybody's guess to how all of this is going to play out. we know in colorado, it's extraordinarily close. average has president obama up by a point. according to colorado secretary of state, republicans have the edge in early voting and president obama has lost his advantage, a big advantage with independent voters. so really i think it could be safe to say that the only poll that is going to matter now is the one that's taken on tuesday night. >> gregg: well said. john roberts, great reporting as always. thanks so much.
5:04 pm
>> thanks. >> heather: president obama kick off a packed campaign schedule in the key battle ground states of ohio and wisconsin, taking jabs at governor remain knee and urging supporters to get out and vote. the president now enroute to iowa. that's where he's expected to speak at a star studded campaign event. chief white house correspondent ed henry is traveling with the president and just landed and us live on the phone. >> he's going to have john cougar mellencamp trying to kick off a star studded weekend. all kinds of celebrities. a concert rally in the next couple of days with jz, bruce springstein. they're really trying to get people out to the polls. a lot of these states have early voting like where he was earlier today. his campaign is trying to explain that remark, though, that john roberts was talking about about voting being the best readvantage. they said he was not trying to harm anyone.
5:05 pm
he was just trying to say as his spokeswoman did, that he was talking about readvantage against some of the -- revenge against some of the policies that mitt romney outlined such as this whole jeep ad that caused so much controversy in the midwest, the romney camp suggesting that the chrysler will move jeep jobs to china. obama camp insisting that's not true. the problem is that you go back to the president's speech in ho had yesterday, he was not talking about the jeep controversy when he said voting is the best revenge. so that explanation doesn't seem topped. i think the bottom line is the president wants to shift the focus here, doesn't want to talk about things like that. what he wants to talk about is grabbing the mantra of change back from mitt romney. he's talk being how mitt romney is saying, he's the candidate of change. president obama is no longer the challenger. he's trying to take that mantle back by saying the policies that mitt romney is selling on the stump are really just failed policies of the past.
5:06 pm
not sort of any change moving forward. that's his case. the second thing he has, the obama camp is confident about is the ground game. they believe that if they can wrap up some of these midwestern battle grounds like iowa, wisconsin and ohio, it will be very hard for mitt romney to get to 270 electoral votes he needs to take this away from the president. >> heather: we'll see what happens. ed henry live for us on the phone where he just landed in iowa. we'll let you go. we know you have a lot of work to do. thanks. >> gregg: and a fox news alert, drastic new measures in new jersey in the lingering aftermath of super storm sandy. governor chris christie ordering gas rationing. drivers in 12 northern new jersey counties can only buy gasoline on odd or even days. governor christie is hoping the rationing will ease the long lines, preventing a fuel shortage or a bigger one. in new york, governor andrew cuomo announcing free emergency
5:07 pm
mobile fuel stations are opening around the new york city metro area for victims of super storm sandy. >> heather: and just a few miles outside of manhattan in hoboken, new jersey, those people still have no power and food trucks are offering a free meals, though, to people there. the storm surge from the hudson river caused nearly every street in the city to look like this, to flood. and though the water had gone down somewhat, the clean-up will take some time. >> our street is so disgustingly polluted. it's disgusting. it's like sewage came up. >> you breathe it and coughing and turning and sometime i think i be taking my last breath. >> heather: that resident from staten island. there, the number of those who died, continues to rise and patience is wearing thin. david lee miller is on staten island for us this evening with the latest. david lee?
5:08 pm
>> heather, a few moments ago we heard from mayor bloomberg. he held a news conference and he said that he expects that the gas shortage is going to be in his words, less of a problem in the next few days. as we heard gregg mention, throughout the city, including staten island, there are mobile trucks set up to distribute free gasoline courtesy of the federal government. each of these trucks contains 5,000 gallons of gasoline. there have been a number of issues, a number of problems. as we can report here in staten island, things seem to be going relatively smoothly. there is a separate line for first responders. the police and ambulances, et cetera, people who need gasoline to address emergencies. then there is another line for the general public. the problem is, people in that line have waited hours. one man told us he was there since 9:45 this morning. elsewhere throughout the city, there are reports that the situation has become difficult to control for the police. in some instances, people
5:09 pm
getting in line are buying the gasoline. there's a ten gallon limit, and then they are reselling it. now, as for here on staten islanders, people who live in this outer burough are helping one another. not far from where i'm standing right now, a special site has been set up for volunteers to assemble and to accept donations of food, clothing water. organizers say that many of the people who are in need of help are simply now too afraid to leave their own homes because of fear of crime. listen. >> biggest concern here is for the residents is that they're afraid, there is no electric in the area. when it gets dark, there is no lights. i know the police department has put up spot lights and now the national guard is here and they're doing the best they can. but people are really afraid to leave their homes because a lot of their homes are exposed. they're afraid of people coming in to steal what little they have left. >> city wide, the city says it has distributed -- listen to this figure -- 25,000 blankets.
5:10 pm
i can tell you, those blankets are going to be needed. they are going to be used. even though in many parts of the city, the electricity is back on, there are still more than 100,000 people who do not have power. they do not have steam heat. the temperatures are continuing to plummet. there is now the risk that people might just freeze because of the cold weather and the lack of electricity and heat. heather. >> heather: david lee miller reporting from staten island this evening. thank you. >> gregg: a sign of hope and renewal today. one of new york city's hospitals forced to evacuate patients at the height of super storm sandy is finally reopening. this was one of the many emotional images showing a nurse carrying a newborn. today nyu lain come medical center says almost all practices are scheduled to open up on monday. seven back up generator there is failed during the storm surge on monday night, forcing the hospital to evacuate 300
5:11 pm
patients. coming up, we are breaking down the cost of super storm sandy, expected to be in the tens of billions of dollars and where exactly will all of that money come from? >> heather: back to the race for the white house. we are just three days from election day, both parties hitting the trail hard, especially in key battleground states like ohio. that's where nominees from both sides are spending part of the day encouraging their supporters to head out to the polls on tuesday. steve brown is live for us in mansfield, ohio, with the latest. hi, steve. >> hi there. yes, ohio presidential campaigns, it could be argued or split into two halves. election day, the second half. leading up to that, about getting folks to vote early, that's the first half. and that's the strength of the obama campaign.
5:12 pm
by aklimmation, it's expected obama will go into election day here in ohio with an edge. the question is, how great an edge? why the emphasis on early voting? essentially for every supporter you get to the polls, that means your concentration of resource social security working on a smaller universe of potential voters to try and influence. so in their view, it is a more efficient way of getting folks to the polls and a winning formula. they brought in people to provide a little bit of motivation, if you will. the afl-cio president, richard trumka, obama ally, was talking to unionized folks about their interest or their -- what's in their best interest in getting this president reelected is that the top of trumka's list and he was stealing from the president's own kind of campaign speech line talking about defending the middle class. >> we paid enough. it's time that this economy work for us and our kids and their kids. it's time that it went forward.
5:13 pm
>> flip it around to the other side, the republicans have been working just as hard. a lot of it off of the radar to try and blunt the obama edge in the early vote. they believe they can get it down to about 6 tore 7 percentage points. that's what the a.p. says it looks like. large block of unaffiliated voters, leading by 6% in the early vote. republicans believe they win election day by about 7 or 8%. if that's true, then they feel that they've got a shot at taking and tipping ohio. polls suggest that there is still an edge of a lead for the president and it's been persistent over the last couple of weeks. >> heather: steve brown reporting live from ohio with the latest. thank you. >> gregg: we are just days away from the presidential election. 2 1/2 to be technical. but tens of millions of americans already cast their ballots. turnout for early voting this year setting all kinds of records. elizabeth prann is live in atlanta with more on that.
5:14 pm
hi, elizabeth. >> hi, gregg. it's been a election day really for the better half of october across 34 states. what that's translated to for the average voter is really astronomical lines. what we're seeing is that early voting is really becoming an emerging trend. in 2004, about 22% of americans voted early. that was after 30% in 2008. according to some experts, we could see on track to surpass that statistic again in this election cycle. more than 25 million people have already cast ballots. here is a breakdown of what we're looking at in some of the swing states and beyond. more than 2 1/2 million people in north carolina have already voted. exit polls showing there, obama is in favor with those early voters. ohioans have cast more than a million ballots and we're seeing in virginia, nevada and ohio, hundreds of thousands of ballots tasked and obviously in nevada, more than 50% of the electorate has already voted early. experts say that early voting
5:15 pm
has really changed the face of elections. listen. >> when you have 35 to 40% of the entire electorate voting early, some of them voting in september, much less october, early november, it's going to transform a presidential election. that's what we've seen. every day is now election day. >> with some states continuing early voting really right up to election day, we'll learn which party benefited. however, both president obama and governor romney say that they have the advantage with early voters. so both of them continue to encourage their base to get out and vote early. gregg, back to you. >> gregg: elizabeth, thanks very much. stick with fox news on election night. complete coverage beginning here on the fox news channel at 6:00 p.m. tuesday with megyn kelly and bret baier. you can catch shepard smith beginning at 7:00 p.m. on the fox network. >> heather: brand-new information revealing the final
5:16 pm
moments before a shooting that killed a u.s. border patrol agent. we'll talk about that. >> gregg: and more details emerging in the obama administration's handling of the libya terrorist attack that killed four brave americans. now new york city mayor rudy guiliani, who knows terrorism all too well, level ago very harsh criticism of the president. >> this whole situation with benghazi is completely perplexing and it's really what we get for electing a man who wasn't ready to lead thisoy country. or most of you know it. ...i propose savings for everyone! i'm talking hundreds here... and furthermore.. newcaster: breaking news. the gecko is demanding free pudding. and political parties that are actual parties! with cake! and presents! ah, that was good. too bad nobody could hear me.
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5:20 pm
>> heather: we're getting a fuller picture of the destruction from super storm sandy. hundreds of homes destroyed, millions left without electricity, countless businesses unable to open. mass transit paralyzed and the new york stock exchange shut down for two days. the estimated cost of the storm, $50 billion. now as millions of americans recover from the storm, is there anything that we can learn to maybe perhaps better prepare ourselves for another possible disaster? joining us is ed, managing partner of chapwood investments. for a lot of people right now, they can't even think about recovering. but in terms of this storm, is there anything that people could
5:21 pm
have done to better prepare? >> well, first of all, i mean, everybody around the country is watching this and we just can't believe how terrible everything looks. and it makes us all start to reflect on what would we do if we were in that situation? i'm in dallas and from time to time, a tornado will come through and we're always faced with that. some of the things -- people don't plan to fail. they really, they just fail to plan. so no one is out there planning and saying, we're going to plan and how we can mess things up. but they fail to plan. a lot of times they do that because they don't have a contingency plan. a lot of times those contingency plans in business or lives cost money, they're not revenue producing for a business. oftentimes that's one of the reasons that people don't do that. but i have to share with you, there is something -- there is a technology now called cloud computing and we use it all the time. you use it with your itunes account and iphones and so on. people are now using that a lot more to take documents and put them up into the cloud. they take photos.
5:22 pm
i use a company called for all of my personal information. my documents, my birth certificates for my kids, all that stuff you can scan in and send up to the cloud. that's one thing people are starting to use a lot more of right now. >> heather: sohat's a storage program? >> that's right. >> heather: okay. >> absolutely. you store and there is many of them. is one of them. there is many of them, but people are doing that now. in the olden days, they would put it in a safety deposit box or hold stuff away from home. >> heather: that's a good idea. >> that's one. >> heather: in terms of the 50 billion number we talked about, about 20 billion, at least to this point being to lost economic activity, people paying for meals in restaurants, casinos, 30 billion of it is being allotted towards property destruction. that includes homes, businesses, also vehicles. what about insurance coverage? >> apparently the insurance coverage was very good. what you should be doing as a
5:23 pm
contingency plan is making sure you pay those premiums. i guarantee you who didn't get those premiums paid and because of that, a lot of that insurance is not going to kick in. so make sure you're not only -- you not only have your insurance paid up, but go a little overboard. get umbrella policies. it pays to have extra insurance, especially times like this. even if you're not in the northeast, there could be mud slides in california. we could have other disasters, wildfires. just overinsure yourself so you can exhale that if something terrible does happen, at least you certainly have that as a back up plan. >> heather: cash in your pocket and a generator. >> have a generator. have cash in your pocket 'cause you never know when you're going to need it. make sure you keep those friendships. don't burn any of the friendships 'cause you might need to call them up and say, do you got a sofa? keep that in mind. >> heather: gregg is sitting next to me, he's all too familiar with a generator because he's been using a generator off and on. >> gregg: for six days. >> heather: thank you very much, ed, we appreciate it. thank you.
5:24 pm
>> thanks for having me. >> gregg: the trick is most of the generators run on gasoline. well, you got the long gas lines. knives one for two hours. fortunately, i stock piled in gas cans ahead of time. so i was in pretty good shape. but nevertheless, you got to keep refilling the generator. >> heather: you just managed to get power back on. >> a couple of hours ago, yeah. thank goodness. >> gregg: the c.i.a. carefully laying out a time line of what happened before, during and after the deadly attack on our consulate in libya. now brand-new documents obtained by fox news challenging that account. the exclusive details in a live report coming up next. >> heather: plus, we go to the campaign insiders one last time before the election for their take on the final days of campaign 2012 just ahead. >> i know most of you here decided who you're voting for in three more days. [ cheers and applause ] but you have some neighbors who
5:25 pm
haven't made up their minds yet. and so i want to make sure that i give you all the arguments you need to make sure that you convince some of them to come over and vote for our team. paul ryan and i want to make sure this country gets back on the right track. we want to bring real change to america. ÷÷óó look, if you have copd like me,
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>> heather: welcome back. a fox news exclusive. new information about the deadly attack at the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. fox news has obtained a classified cable showing that the state department was warned about syria's security concerns long before the attack was carried out. also three u.s. senators are calling for a congressional committee to investigate the administration's handling of the attack. molly henneberg is in washington with more. hi, molly. >> hi. this classified cable was sent august 16 to the state department that was less than one month before the
5:30 pm
september 11 attack in libya. and it describes how u.s. personnel on the ground were making contingency plans. the cable reads in part, quote: this daily pattern of violence would be the new normal for the foreseeable future. went on to say, quote, personnel could co- locate to the annex, talking about the c.i.a. annex -- if the security environment downgraded suddenly. it also reveals they were concerned about the trustworthiness of the libyan militia, the 17 february brigade, which was protecting the consulate, noting, quote, certain sectors of the 17 february brigade were very hesitant to share information with the americans. one republican senator says the obama administration wanted to believe that libya was safe enough to keep a smaller security footprint there. >> this has been the story of libya for months. the people on the ground in libya are begging and pleading for additional security. they're being denied additional security, military and civilian
5:31 pm
security, u.s. security because we wanted to, quote, normalize relationships with libyan government that didn't exist in benghazi. >> senator graham and fellow republicans senators john mccain and kelly ayotte are calling for a select committee of lawmakers, perhaps from both the house and senate -- to investigate the attack. the obama administration has said it wants to wait for an independent board to finish its review before making any assessments about the attack. in the meantime, the president's team, both at the white house and his campaign, say republicans are trying to take advantage of a tragedy. >> as soon as the final report is completed, that will be released. but this is not a time for treating this like a political football, which is what mitt romney and many republicans are doing. the american people deserve and want better than that. >> the state department believes the report will be finished sometime in december. heather? >> heather: molly henneberg live for us from washington, thank you. gregg?
5:32 pm
>> gregg: taking a look now at the race for the white house, this final weekend before election day. the latest real clear politics average of national polls, take a look at this. president obama barely edging out governor mitt romney by less than one tenth of 1%. what are the candidates need to go do in the final push? what's going to happen? let's bring in our campaign insiders, the final edition before the election, john, former republican congressman for new york. former pollster for president carter. doug schoen and a former pollster for president bill clinton. all right. you get the first shot at this. what do you make of this? >> first, we're in an absolute statistical tie. that much is obvious. when you go through the swing states, there is a slight, and i emphasize slight, but clear advantage for president obama. it's also possible we can have a result where the popular vote goes to governor romney and president obama wins the
5:33 pm
electoral college. it's that close. >> gregg: 2000 were due. >> not so fast. i lived this in 1980. we've seen the president gain, i think, both -- we talked about before the incumbent last week bounce, as well as the hurricane sandy and the gift from governor christie. but at the same time, we have now the people reacting differently. i'll tell you the 1980, the race was tied on saturday night. went to five points for reagan on sunday and ten on monday. >> it's even all the way through. >> that's why if it breaks, we'll see. if it breaks, only a few points. that's all you need to move. >> gregg: pat, tell me who it will break for. >> i don't know. i'm just arguing the other side. >> gregg: i knew you would. >> it could break for governor romney. >> look, they have him back up at 51% job approval. we're going to find out whether the day -- >> gregg: gallup have romney up
5:34 pm
by six not long ago? >> yes. but he's been out of the field. we'll got a poll tomorrow. >> pat mentions 1980, i happened to be a recipient of this wave and i rode the wave to get elected along with reagan and a lot of republicans who weren't supposed to win that year. that's the one thing that is still somewhat here in this race, which is passion differential for republicans. they're definitely more pumped to go vote, to get rid of obama, than the obama people are to keep obama. >> gregg: voter enthusiasm is really important. fox news has polled on this. let's put this up on the screen. romney has an 11-point lead among extremely interested voters, right? let's go to the next one, which asked how important is it to you that your candidate should win. there is a ten-point lead by romney. >> here is what this means, this means that the obama campaign, unless they have a very, very robust get out the vote drive,
5:35 pm
which is called gotv, are in trouble. but what we're seeing is with the amount of money being spent to drag people to the polls, to call them on the phone, to otherwise impour tune them to turn out every way possible, the voters who are less interested are arguably going to have as much enthusiasm as those who the polls show -- >> doug, we have talked, gregg, among the three of us on our shows the last year trying to figure out, is this year, 2012, 1980, the late break for carter, or is it 2004, a fairly unpopular incumbent, bush, and obama, running against a stiff massachusetts kerry and mondale? >> 2004. >> in that case, the bush campaign had the best get out the vote operation. >> gregg: what about this -- every poll path that i look at shows that independent voters are breaking for romney, anywhere by five to 10%. >> can you tell me what the party break down is on tuesday
5:36 pm
and tell you the exact breakdown of the election. if it's even in party, as opposed to five points, which our poll has at fox, and the independents are breaking for romney, then it's a win. if not, if it's a couple points democratic, it could be different. the fact is, the close here and i do want to say this 'cause it's important. i believe if the republicans lose this election, romney loses. they can look to abandoning okay and recently abandoning libya as an issue. >> holding the ball is always bad. >> it could have backfired if romney himself had -- >> why his not saying a word about it, however, by not saying a word -- >> really when you look at where we're at today, there was one 90-minute period, october 3, where mitt romney was a dynamite candidate. dynamite. sometimes it's all you need. >> i don't know. i think against an incumbent who wasn't challenged in his own
5:37 pm
party, who has a big machine, this is still a little uphill, i think. >> gregg: let's put the real clear politic electoral map up. it's unchanged from the last time that we looked at it. president obama is at 201. romney at 191. you got to have 270. no real change. >> gregg that, is exactly right. but if you look at the individual polls in the yellow states which are the states that are undeclared. >> gregg: that's where obama has an edge? >> he has an edge in iowa, an edge in minnesota. he has an edge in wisconsin. most of all, ohio and wisconsin. that puts him over the -- >> i saw an iowa poll with romney ahead. i saw one where he had florida. >> i think florida will go to romney. north carolina and virginia. 15 or 20 polls in those swing states in the midwest -- >> i'm not sure i believe that. >> breaking 85, 90% obama. >> i'm not sure i buy that at this point. i think polling is so difficult right now. the people's response rates.
5:38 pm
i'm just saying -- by the way, some pollsters, we will have an execution on wednesday for somebody. >> i hope it's not me. >> i hope not either for your sake. >> gregg: last jobs report came out on friday and unemployment number ticked up from 7.8 to 7.9. does that make a difference? >> probably not. i think it was enough so that obama can keep talking. let me say about the hurricane and the jobs report. the hurricane forced obama during the last week to do what the three of us have been saying for a year. be presidential. be positive. don't get nasty towards romney, which is so unpresidential. be above it. be morally a uniter. >> gregg: you know, listen, all the news stories and there is still 2 1/2 days to go, are that fema dropped the ball on this thing. he's in charge of fema. what happened to george bush during katrina. >> gregg, what is happening now is that obamaitis. four or five good political days notwithstanding the tragedy that
5:39 pm
hit the northeast and the midwest. bottom line, there are two days left. but the issues of libya, the economy, have been off the table benefitting president obama. >> gregg: there have been so many news stories, about maybe not enough, that the handling of this thing by the white house and the president is incompetent, the libyan issue. >> what they're doing now is putting out disinformation to cover up -- >> gregg: it's got to hurt the president. >> look at the fox poll. on his handling of the job of libya, he's got the worst rating than on the economy. let me finish my point. half the people are saying that they believe that they were covering up purposely. the prop problem is romney president republicans. they've never said -- so therefore, because they're not saying it, the main stream media has a reason they don't have to cover it. >> gregg: so you can tell there is only 2 1/2 days left because the boys are getting testy. everybody is on edge. we'll be back in a moment of we
5:40 pm
are keeping an eye on colorado springs. governor remain knee is set to hold a campaign rally. we are set to take threw when it happens. more with our campaign insiders after the break. [ male announcer ] you like who you are... and you learned something along the way. this is the age of knowing what you're made of. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have.
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after the health care law. ♪ medicare open enrollment. now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare. ♪ >> heather: welcome back. a quick check of the headlines. electricity quickly being restored to areas left in the dark after super storm sandy. outages now stand at less than 3 million customers. that's down from 8.5 million. the spite shuttle prototype enterprise suffering minor damage after weathering the storm at the intrepid sea, air and space museum. officials say it's safely if place and will be repaired as soon as possible. remember this? 18 new cases are confirmed in the deadly meningitis outbreak. the total number of cases now topping 400 and at least 29 people have died.
5:45 pm
gregg? >> gregg: final segment before everybody casts their votes except for the folks who early voted. we're back with our campaign insiders. john, pat, and doug. pat, let me ask you and doug about the undecideds here. what percentage of vote railroads truly undecided, how would they break? >> remember, there are few percent that are pure that are announced undecided. there are persuadables. traditionally, and i keep arguing this because i think it's missed -- during the last week, the incumbent often gets a bump early in the week. the very late undecideds, very last ones usually go to the challenger. how many there are? we don't know this time. but there are not many. >> gregg: give me a ballpark. >> i would say 5 or 6% of the vote railroads still moveable. >> i think it's about 5%, gregg. they're likely to break three to two, 3 1/2 to one 1/2 for governor romney. so the key statistic is where
5:46 pm
president obama's vote is. bush was polling about 48%. just over the finish line in 2000. this feels like a similar situation notwithstanding what pat and john say. >> i do feel we're between 80 and 2004 for one reason. 2004 didn't have the economy drag that this does. >> gregg: i want to switch because we've been talking so much about presidential politics. there are other elections going on. principlely control of the u.s. senate. john? >> first of all, i think republicans will keep the house. i think everyone now acknowledges that. the senate, the republicans need a net gain of four to take over the senate. i've been telling everybody i know, obama may win, may not. but if the republicans win the senate, keep the house, we box in obama, he can't spend money, he can't raise taxes, can't do anything. complete control of congress. >> i don't think it's going to happen. i think the democrats, worse case lose a couple of seats. 51-hot. >> unless you get a break and it
5:47 pm
drags a couple of these other races over. the republicans had it all their way in the senate and be -- >> gregg: couple of mistakes, bad luck. >> bad luck and candidates. >> murdoch is down. >> scott brown is likely it lose. >> bob kerry is catching up. >> i don't think he'll get there. >> gregg: the unfortunate remark, highly criticized of murdoch -- >> two senate seats. >> one -- >> last time there were three senate seats. weak candidates lost for the republican. >> but the reason this is so important is, i believe, is that the libya thing, if the republicans get the senate and the house, and obama were to be reelected, we're having a mini watergate hearing because it's all going to be the same thing. >> we have a fiscal crisis. we have a -- >> deficit in two months, if we have a divided senate, it's the popular vote goes for governor romney and the president's reelected, who knows what will happen? >> gregg: the city will --
5:48 pm
>> after this campaign, with doug and i have written about, after tearing the country apart in divide and conquer, the republican willingness to work with him is not high. >> he said this before which is important, is if we had that split ballot, in other words, they vote popular vote for romney, electoral vote puts obama over the top, or vice verse is a, doug is very smart about it. that this is going to delegit maze the winner. >> 40% of the people in -- >> we could have an election here where everybody agrees on the counting of the votes, unlike 2000, but had the system delegit maze with a fair vote. >> you're going to hear so much screaming and yelling about fraud. i'm going to tell you, if you have that outcome, second time around, 40% didn't believe the
5:49 pm
president was legitimate. >> gregg: we'll wait and see what happens on tuesday. i would guess ask you for your pre dicks burks i'm told you will refuse to give me. >> absolutely. >> 'til monday. >> 'til monday. >> call me monday morning. >> you can watch our show monday morning. >> gregg: all right. there it is. campaign insiders, every monday, 10:30 a.m. eastern. you guys have no courage. >> that's true. >> gregg: you can also follow them on twitter at fninsiders. we will be right back
5:50 pm
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5:53 pm
>> heather: governor romney about to deliver remarks at a campaign event as part of his final battleground blitz before election day. his wife, ann, you can see at the podium right now. these are live pictures from the municipal airport in colorado springs. he and his wife just got off their campaign plane. governor romney holding the edge among early voters in the state with about a million and a half ballots cast so far. that, of course, according to the latest data released by the secretary of state's office. gregg? >> gregg: we were mentioning with the campaign insiders a moment ago about one poll shows the governor leading in colorado and it is, in fact, scott
5:54 pm
rasmussen's poll. rasmussen reports governor romney leading 50-47%. so let's listen in, they're in colorado, to governor mitt romney and his wife, ann romney. [ cheers and applause ] >> well, today we enter the final weekend of the campaign. all right? [ cheers and applause ] and you got it right, that the obama rallies rallies are captag four more years. you're chanting three more days. we're going to have to change that chant tomorrow. we'll come up with something, i'm sure. we are so grateful to you and to the people across this country for all that you've given to the campaign of yourselves, of your time, your talent, your energy, your money, and this is not just about paul ryan and me and it's really about america and the
5:55 pm
future we leave our children. [ cheers and applause ] we thank you and we ask you to stay with it all the way to victory on tuesday night. all right? [ cheers and applause ] four years ago, candidate obama promised to do so much for us, but he's fallen so very short. he promised to be a post-partisan president. remember that? but he became the most partisan. blaming, attacking, and dividing. he was going to focus on creating jobs, instead he focused on obamacare and that killed jobs. he said he was going to cut federal deficit in half. instead he doubled it. he said he was going to cut the unemployment rate to 5.2% by now. we learned on friday that it's 7.9%. that's 9 million jobs short of what he promised. employment is now higher than
5:56 pm
when barak obama took office. he promised that he would propose a solution for social security and medicare to keep them from going insolvency. but instead, he raided medicare $716 billion to pay for his obamacare. he said he would lower health premiums. instead, they're up by $3,000 a family. gasoline. the american family now pays $2,000 a year more for gasoline than when the president took office. (booing) he said he was going to work across the aisle on the most important issues. you know he has not met on the economy or on jobs or on the budget with either the republican leader of the house or the leader of the senate since july. instead of bridging the divide, he's made the divide wider. you wonder how it is that he's
5:57 pm
fallen so short of his promises? it's in part because he never led before. he never worked across the aisle. he never truly understood how the economy works to be able to create real jobs. and today, of course, he makes new promises, promises he will be unable to keep because he admits he's going to stay on the same path he's been on. and the same course we've been on will not lead to a better destination than it already has. the same path would mean $20 trillion in debt, crippling unemployment, stagnant wage growth, depressed home values, and a definite stated military. we got to change course because unless we do, we may be looking at another recession! the question of this election comes down to this: do you want more of the same or do you want real change? [ cheers and applause ]
5:58 pm
>> mitt! mitt! mitt! mitt! >> look, president obama promised real change but he couldn't deliver it. i promise change, but i've got a record of having achieved it. [ cheers and applause ] i actually built a business and i turned around another business. and i put the olympics back on track. by the way, with a democrat legislature, i helped turn my state from deficit to surplus and from job losses to job growth and from higher taxes to higher take home pay. and that's why i'm running for president. i know how to change the course the country is on and get it to a balanced deficit! [ cheers and applause ] i know how it build jobs and get rising take home pay because accomplishing real change is not something i just talk about.
5:59 pm
it's something i've actually done! [ cheers and applause ] and it's precisely what i'm going to do when i'm president of the united states. [ cheers and applause ] if you believe we can do better, if you believe america should be on a better course, if you're tired of being tired, then i ask you to vote and work for real change because paul ryan and i are going to bring real change to america from day one. [ cheers and applause ] you know, when i'm elected, the economy and american jobs will still be stagnant. but i'm not going to waste any time complaining about my predecessor. [ cheers and applause ] i won't spendy


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